Frequently Asked Questions

ESWT is a non-invasive procedure that is used to relieve pain in patients who suffer from chronic plantar fasciitis and has been proven to be a very successful method in pain reduction without the risks and expenses of invasive surgery

Plantar fasciitis is a condition that causes feelings of a sharp pain located by the heel of the bottom of your foot that can be triggered by standing for too long, or standing up after waking up

After locating the injury, our podiatrists will administer shock waves that will be applied at the area of your injury in order to increase blood flow, decrease pain, and stimulate the creation of new tissue cell growth thus encouraging quicker healing.

Before the procedure, the podiatrist will scan the injured area and begin treatment. Expect to hear clicking sounds from the machine as the shocks are administered during the procedure. Treatments are administered throughout the course of 3 sessions.

Some people experience pain but this is tolerable. After treatment, you will be able to walk and continue daily activities. Some experience soreness or pain but this should improve within a few days.

No, you may continue with your daily activities right after treatment however avoid strenuous activities that might cause pain for 2 days.

Treatment typically takes 15 minutes to complete.

One of the most unique benefits of this method of treatment is that it is noninvasive, meaning the expenses, risk, and downtime required of a standard procedure are eliminated. In addition, treatment takes 15 minutes and gives astounding results. ESWT has also been known to cause minimal complications in contrast to surgery which puts patients at risk for infection, pain, and even more complications.

ESWT shows to have up to a 90% success rate in pain reduction which is higher than other non surgical methods of treatment.

No, the procedure is not covered by insurance however if you have Flexible Medical Spending Accounts (Medical FSA), you can also pay for the treatment with these.

Studies on shock waves on humans date back to as far as 1966 and continues to be used to treat medical conditions on the body all over the world without the need of surgical procedures.

Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to lie down comfortably.

ESWT is 5-7 times less expensive than invasive surgical treatments. We offer several payment plan options, please call us for details.

We have podiatrists conduct our treatment. A podiatrist is a foot doctor who specializes in foot and ankle conditions and problems.

If you have had no success with traditional methods of treatment shock wave therapy is a safe and quick treatment alternative to surgery with a high success rate in reducing your pain. Call us today if you have more questions or would like to schedule a free consultation.