This small abnormality that a toenail can have can cause a huge ruckus to your life if you leave it untreated. This common issue is an ingrown toenail. And if you have had one you know how badly the nail can affect your life. If you have had an ingrown toenail you might understand that there are a few levels to the discomfort or pain that it can cause you. In level 1, you feel an ache at the site of where it is ingrown. During level 2, more pain can persist and it may even swell along with the growth of bacteria. Level 3 can result in an even greater swelling of the tissue on the toe where it seems that additional tissue has been formed.

Signs of causes of toenails to become ingrown may range from injury to the toe, poorly fitting shoes, genetic tendency, incorrect nail trimming and sometimes just day to day physical activities.

Homeopathic treatment can be successful in treating an ingrown toenail just as corrective surgery may be. Treating the nail is imperative to avoid any serious infection. Soaking the foot in proper materials to decrease swelling and bacteria can help and so can topicals. In any case, it is suggested to see your podiatrist to avoid any great risk that can result from an ingrown toenail.