Plantar Fasciitis is one of the biggest culprits for foot pain. It is the inflammation of the thick band of tissue found at the bottom of the foot which runs from the heel of the foot to the toes. This pain can either be momentary, at the beginning of the morning when you first stand up or a consistent pain you feel whenever you are standing. One way to address this pain is through a foot massage before standing up in the morning, when your feet is the most painful.

When conducting your own foot massage or receiving the foot massage, it’s important to avoid the sore spots of your foot as this can cause further complications of the condition. Before beginning your thorough massage, be sure to begin with a warm-up massage to increase blood flow to the area. Once you finish warming up, you can conduct any of the following messages:

  1. Heel of Hand Massage
  2. Thumb Pushes
  3. Thumb Pulls 
  4. Toe Flex
  5. Ball Massage
  6. Ice Massage
  7. Calf Massages
  8. Professional

These massages can loosen up the fascia tissue found at the bottom of the foot and causing the pain from plantar fasciitis. These massages can also help with not only aiding the pain in the foot but also help with preventing the condition from becoming a chronic condition. Daily massages before standing up in the morning can also help with prevention of plantar fasciitis if you don’t already have the condition.

If you have heel pain that cannot be relieved by these massages, you can also consider other treatment options.

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