When you see your doctor, one of the first things he will do is to check underneath your foot for soft and tender areas and determine why you are feeling pain based on where the painful area is. If you feel pain at the bottom of your foot, this is a good indicator that you have plantar fasciitis This pain can be characterized by a range from a sharp “stabbing” sensation, to an aching “dull” pain. There are three major times that your feet will become inflamed with pain throughout the day:

  1. When you wake up
  2. After you’ve been sitting or lying down for too long 
  3. After a strenuous activity

Your doctor might also ask you if you usually feel this pain right when you wake up, or when you have been sitting down for a while. This is because another symptom of plantar fasciitis is “first-step pain.” First-step pain is when you feel pain when you wake up and get out of bed. You might also feel this pain to be familiar when you stand up from sitting or laying down for too long during other parts of your day. Pain may also arise only after doing a strenuous activity that might’ve caused the pain in the first place. This is usually running or another type of work out.

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