25 03, 2020

Shoe Inserts or Orthotics for Foot Pain

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If you are experiencing foot pain, you might be thinking about shoe inserts. Shoe inserts can help ease foot pain, but you might need orthotics. This would depend on the problem that causes pain in your foot. Shoe inserts can be bought in stores without a prescription. They are made with gel, plastic, or foam [...]

13 03, 2020

How to Keep Feet Healthy

By |2020-03-13T22:40:48+00:00March 13th, 2020|

Diabetes comes with various foot problems because of poor circulation to the extremities. When you have diabetes, you should always be careful with your feet and follow proper diabetic foot care to avoid serious problems. Below are steps that you should include in your foot care plan.  It is important to check your feet every [...]