Many people with plantar fasciitis wake up in the morning and stand only to feel the stubborn pain. This pain may rise again when they are standing for long periods of time at work or throughout the day. To ease the pain, however, you can follow these simple methods at home.

  1. Stretching

    The first method of treatment is simply stretching. Plantar fasciitis may be caused by overworking your feet and the pain is simply your feet’s way of telling you it needs a break. Follow simple daily stretching exercises to give your feet the break it needs

  2. Footwear

     The second method of pain relief is to wear proper footwear. Be sure to only get shoes that are well-fitting and give your feet the support and arch it needs to wear comfortably and stand in for long periods of time. Getting proper-fitting shoes that are comfortable yet sturdy can decrease pain. Don’t wear shoes that are flat and offer little to no support. 

  3. Ice

     The third method of remedy is ice. Freeze a water bottle or ice pack and hold it over your foot or roll the water bottle under your feet for 15 minutes. You can also repeat this method 3 times a day. Be sure to keep the water bottle covered with a cloth so that the ice is not directly touching the affected area.

  4. Splint

     The fourth and last option for treatment is to wear a splint overnight to help position your feet while you sleep. This method is recommended for more severe cases of foot pain and can help with the pain if worn overnight to stretch the plantar fascia. 

Remember that these are treatments to help with pain and if your condition continues to persist, it’s important to seek a podiatrist’s consultation to get proper treatment for your condition in order to fix the issue.

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