Plantar Fasciitis is a very common condition that causes a stabbing pain in the heel of your foot due to the inflammation of the plantar fascia. The plantar fascia is the tissue at the bottom of your foot and connects the back of your foot to the tips of your toes. 

Usually, runners will get plantar fasciitis from their activity of constant running. If the plantar fascia undergoes repetitive strain, this can cause the tissue to become inflamed or cause little tears in the tissue. All too often, however, it is difficult to pinpoint an exact cause to this condition that causes millions of pain in their heel.

Since the condition may come and go, it can be easy to ignore the problem however this might cause you chronic heel pain that will end up making it difficult to go about daily activities because of the pain. Constant corticosteroid injections which are injections that treat inflammation can also lead to the tissue’s rupture. 

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