Extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) is a noninvasive treatment for plantar fasciitis, an alternative to standard surgical procedures. Surgical procedures to treat heel pain can be expensive, inconvenient, and cause serious complications. ESWT has been reported to be effective and has very few complications. ESWT is also a popular foot pain treatment for patients who do not show signs of improvement after the standard methods of plantar fasciitis treatment. 

Electrowave shock therapy combines both biology and technology to cure feet pain with an overarching 60% to 80% success rate. This technology delivers sound waves through the area of pain to stimulate biological responses in the tissue. The sound waves promote new tissue generation and blood flow to relieve pain immediately and initiate recovery. 

Extracorporeal shock wave therapy stimulates the healing process to treat heel pain patients who have not had success with conservative methods of treatment. ESWT has many unique benefits. It is noninvasive, affordable, low-risk, and has no downtime

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